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NFCR CEO Dr. Sujuan Ba Honored at AAPI Women’s Gala 2024

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This 8th year’s gala, themed “Resilience and Perseverance,” honored Dr. Ba for her exemplary leadership at NFCR and other organizations she is part of and her pivotal role in advancing cancer research. The Serica Initiative has highlighted over 100 women leaders in various industries making marks on the world and supporting peaceful ties between the East and West.

“Receiving this honor reminds us of the significance of resilience in adversity and collective efforts in overcoming cultural barriers,” Dr. Ba reflected. She also believes that women helping women is not just a mantra but a mission that is crucial in breaking down the cultural barriers and stereotypes that have silently affected our society.

Dr. Ba’s leadership exemplifies women’s great capacity and potential in science and business. Under her guidance, NFCR has championed high-impact initiatives that empower cancer researchers and entrepreneurs, especially women scientists and entrepreneurs, advancing cancer research that could potentially save lives worldwide.

As NFCR continues to break new ground under Dr. Ba’s leadership, her honor at the AAPI Women’s Gala serves as both a milestone and a motivator for the organization to continue its crucial work. “With this recognition, I hope to inspire other leaders, especially women, to reach beyond what they “think” they are capable of as they continue to succeed,” Dr. Sujuan Ba concluded.

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About NFCR:

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization co-founded in 1973 by Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi and Attorney/Business Entrepreneur Franklin Salisbury, Sr. NFCR provides scientists in the lab with the critical seed funding they need to make game-changing discoveries in cancer detection, treatments, prevention, and ultimately, a cure for all cancers. NFCR has distinguished itself in the cancer research sector by emphasizing “high-risk, high-impact” long-term and transformative pioneering research fields often overlooked by other major funding sources. With the support of more than 5.3 million individual donors over the last 51 years, NFCR has provided $410 million in funding to cancer research, prevention, and public education. NFCR-supported research has led to some of the most significant life-saving discoveries that benefit patients today.